Rachel Partamian is a Lebanese-Canadian photographer.
She has a bachelor degree in photography from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon.

Being a photography trainer and an instructor, she has given courses ranging from Introduction to advanced photography.

Between December 2016/January 2017 she gave a phone photography workshop at “The Migrant Center Beirut”. She also instructed at the Photography Workshops hosted by “FADE-in” in May 2014 and October 2014. In July 2011 she gave a  training at the Girl Geek Camp, a summer learning camp for girls between the ages 15 and 19.

Rachel has also volunteered with many organizations such as “The Migrant Community Center” , “Anti-racism movement” organization , “Nasawiya”, the feminist collective , Indy-Act Act Zero waste campaign as well as Indy Act: Draw the Line and Doctors Without Borders .

Rachel has accomplished many workshops and courses such as: Get Funded presenting yourself and your work at Concordia university with Linda Rutenberg in 2018,  photography: a Victorian sensation online course accomplishment from National Museums of Scotland in 2015, FotoIstanbul Festival Besiktas-International Festival of Photography in 2014, Visual Story Telling Workshop with Jason Eskenazi and Laurence Cornet in 2014 as well as Foundry Photojournalism Workshop with Paula Bronstein and James Whitlow Delano in  2013.

She has exhibited internationally. Her work was part of the Orientalys festival Montreal in August 2018,  “Street Kabita” exhibition in June 2013 as well as “Chou Hal Haki” at Dar Al Mousawir in Lebanon in November 2012. And her solo exhibitions were at Nasawiya cafe in Lebanon, in May 2012 , KbarreCafe in Lyon in May 2007 and Atellier VisioSfeir, Lyon in October 2017.